Rear camber – adjustable now.

The size of the rear control arm rod ends is such that there is NO way to put a wrench on the interior jam nut. The rod end fits into the subframe with no space for a wrench. Terrible.

Resolved by hacking, cutting is too elegant a term, metal from the control arm mount. Next time, will know to look for a control arm with a smaller rod end.

E46 locating components 

Not sure where to place the fire bottle (it’s tiny!), battery and cool shirt system(yet tbd). 

Thinking the cooler will go where the passenger seat mounts. 
Battery and fire bottle have wires & tubing to run. Along the sill would be cleaner than runs along the tunnel. Some pictures for consideration. 


Filler tasks 

Exhaust studs. The factory stud length is 30mm and I’m planning to use aftermarket headers. There is some forum discussion about insufficient length with some headers but not enough detail for solid decision making. 

Found “premium” studs left over from the e36 that are 42mm. 

For solid data, the header source was consulted about this and learned the factory studs will be long enough but just barely. 

That cemented the plan forward: use the longer studs to ensure safety margin. It took awhile to remove the old studs and the new will likely be as fun to install. 

Filled more of the day with brake line research.  BMWs use a bubble flare on their brake lines which I needed to know.  The original hardlines did not survive and replacements are needed but new lines are not pre-bent.  In case of error bending the lines, I may need to make different lengths and will require flaring the ends.  This post at was helpful.