Cooling fan

New parts are arriving. Rather than the standard Spal fan used by many club racing peers, we are going to try a new system by DeltaPAG. 

It is brushless, lighter and draws much less power while moving more air than the Spal. 

Bonus, fancy box. 

Garage shuffle

Mixed feelings – kinda nice to have the old car back in the garage and prepping for a race which is the point of all this … driving & racing.

Was concerned about moving the car on dollies down the driveway, into the street, and up into the trailer.  However, our neighbors lent hands to help and it went very smoothly.


Bare chassis – the end is in sight


The EZcarlift has been very useful!

IMG_3972 IMG_3974

Man down!IMG_3977

Top coat of tar attacked with heat.IMG_3981

The ‘easy’ tar.IMG_3983 IMG_3984

Blasting should clear off the tar and gunk.  Used heat and scrapper to remove top layers.IMG_3985

Transmission tunnel brace with the sharp corners – gone.IMG_3986

More, bigger holes than planned.IMG_3987

Last of the seat brackets, out.IMG_3988

Starting to plan for electrical requirements ….IMG_3989

Roof panel

We have nearly stripped the chassis to bare shell and shifted to the roof.  It was claimed from the beginning but odds were against removing it in good condition.

Next step – getting the panel and headliner to their new owner in good shape :/

Spot welds

Working on my spot weld removal skills. Skills are coming along slowly but there are so many in an e46 chassis that I should be quite good by the time I’m finished and will never need to repeat this.