Track Log

Lowering cog by lowering seat(?)

Some changes following April at Vir before returned for the Vir-N de.

Lowered seat 1″

Replaced AAE steering rack with original Bosch unit, new seals by Total Race Prep

Replaced factory tie rods with Ground Control adjustable bump tie rod kit. Instructions mention 1/2″ drill required but factory spindle holes did not require this.

Um-modified radiator and oil cooler mounts to previous layout.

Blackstone May 2022

First proper change after dyno breakin and its oil change. After a weekend racing + DE, with about 6hrs on the engine, sent sample to Blackstone for analysis. Lead (pb) was high enough to raise a flag. Engine builder confirmed this is ~ normal for a new engine and should settle.

Will continue to monitor and sample each change to establish trend.

Road Atlanta 2021 Temp Spike

Water temp max 287F.  Rise & drop with rpm, lagging.
Oil temp max 226F
Coolant pressure (normal 18-24psi), 18-37psi
No steam, no sign of leak.
Radiator was cool to the touch minutes after race end.
Reservoir empty.
No issues detected from car.  It drove fine, drove into trailer at end of race, and into garage once home.
Tested thermostat, passed.No apparent obstructions in radiator.  
Pulled water pump, intact and good.
Pulled head, gasket has no visible signs of breakage/crack.  Odd wave between 1&2 in the gasket.

Catch can

For the Road Atlanta weekend, we changed the crank case ventilation from the intake manifold to a catch can, Turner’s. It was likely not designed for race use as ~50% of the oil aerosol passed through it and settled throughout the engine bay.

Engine 2.1

Sent the block out to be re-honed. Its condition was good and main bearings look so good they’ll be reused. The pistons have been coated in order to fill the small increase in cylinder bore diameter resulting from the honing.